APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the codes that allow services and applications to communicate and share information with one another. They speed up business processes by creating unified workflows and removing data silos without bringing additional complexities. They are the driving force behind new digital transformation initiatives and innovative customer experiences.

Digital transformation is nothing new and has sped up over the past two years. Digital transformation benefits companies by empowering employees, creating more new opportunities, and driving efficiency. Businesses must create their own connected experiences to drive digital transformation. APIs, enable companies to achieve all of this without expending valuable time and resources on new bespoke applications, that are often hard to develop, run and maintain. Further, teams are able to focus on achieving business goals.

APIs enable you to share your data freely, securely, and efficiently. It simplifies and automates business processes and integrates disparate teams together into a cohesive unit. Through APIs, the information flow is streamlined. This eliminates the manual sharing of data between multiple platforms and reduces human error.

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