Strengthen Data Governance with Proven Practices

Establish robust data governance practices with Translab’s data governance solutions. We help you define policies, processes, and controls to ensure your data assets’ integrity, security, and compliance and help you govern your data most efficiently and securely. We specialise in developing tailored data governance frameworks that align with your business objectives and regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive approach encompasses policy development, data quality management, compliance assurance, and continuous improvement.

Governance Framework

Develop data governance policies and procedures while appointing data stewards.

Data Quality Management

Standardize data formats, definitions, and conventions while implementing data cleansing processes.

Compliance Management

Ensure adherence to data protection regulations, industry standards, and contractual obligations while conducting risk assessments.

Data Lifecycle Management

Classify data based on sensitivity, value, and usage requirements while defining retention policies and schedules.

Continuous Improvement

Monitor data governance processes and controls while providing employee training on related policies and procedures.

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We empower diverse sectors with intelligent solutions that seamlessly integrate into a spectrum of industries, driving innovation across the board.

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