Strategic Partnership

Organisations are in the midst of seismic change in their application landscape as application vendors are adopting Kubernetes and microservices. Translab and Oracle have partnered together to provide the most performant KaaS (Kubernetes as a Service) and DBaaS (Database as a Service) & GenAI hybrid cloud combo to supercharge your next-generation infra.

Microsoft’s Azure platform provides the foundation for Data Fabric. Leveraging their powerful and well-integrated solutions, Translab provides advanced data analytics, machine learning, and AI to foster decision-making and operational efficiency.
Translab has partnered with Cloudera, the Big Data pioneer, to assist customers in transforming their data management and analytics capabilities. By leveraging Cloudera’s robust data platform, Translab ensures the seamless transformation of Lakehouse to Good Data for all BI, AI and Gen AI needs.
The banking sector is facing stringent regulations. Translab has partnered with Adenza, a Nasdaq company offering fully integrated solutions, to simplify compliance by streamlining processes, reducing manual effort, and enabling banks to adapt quickly to regulatory changes.
Translab and IBM are working together to implement Gen AI solutions to solve real-world challenges for customers. IBM, with long experience in enterprise space, brings the privacy and governance assurance that customers seek. leverages Red Hat technologies to modernise your applications to make the cloud-native, secure, scalable and integrated. Further, using Red Hat platforms, we automate and management of the cloud-native applications.

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