In the dynamic landscape of digital business, databases and middleware stand as essential pillars, ensuring the seamless flow of data—a lifeline crucial to every company’s success. At Translab, within our comprehensive suite of professional and managed services, we excel in providing tailored Database & Middleware Services, bolstering your business with reliable, flexible, and scalable technology […]

When clients seek to transition their analytics applications to AI-driven solutions, they often encounter several challenges: 1. Data Quality and Availability: AI applications heavily rely on high-quality data for training and inference. Clients may face challenges in sourcing relevant, clean, and comprehensive data for AI models. Additionally, integrating data from disparate sources and ensuring its […]

Indian Banking sector has undergone and currently undergoing multiple transformative changes, like UPI, UPI Lite, Digital Rupee (e₹), etc. As a result, India has transformed itself in a short time from cash-based to digital payment-based country, putting us in leagues ahead of many developed nations. In this dynamic landscape, Banks are looking at AI, particularly […]

Ajit Ranade Executive Domain Advisor, BFSI With a career spanning over three decades and featuring diverse roles and responsibilities, Ajit’s banking industry experience covers Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury Operations, Risk Management, Compliance, Trade Finance and IT. His professional journey has seen him excel in multiple leadership roles such as Head of CoE & Domain […]

Cross Identity and Translab Join Hands to Help Organisations Fortify Anti-Fraud and Security Defenses In recent times, Identity and Access Management (IAM) has emerged as one of the most sought-after cybersecurity technologies. This surge in demand can be attributed to the rising incidents of fraud and security breaches, besides the pressures to meet evolving regulatory […]

Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award International Achievers Conference (IAC) on 89TH National Seminar & Awards Ceremony on “NATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTIES – ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT” has honored “Translab Technologies Pvt Ltd” with an award as “Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award – 2022”.   “Becoming something isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. […]

Introduction In the first part of our series on Data Governance, we looked into what is data governance, why we need it and what are the future trends.  In the second part, we discussed various Data Governance frameworks used by organisations to implement data governance.  In part 3, we will discuss various Data Governance operating models and services […]

INTRODUCTION In the first part of our series on Data Governance, we looked into what is data governance, why we need it and what are the future trends.  In part 2, we will discuss Data Governance frameworks as well as people and processes needed to implement data governance within an organisation.  DATA GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK Data Governance is […]