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Simplifying Data Management with Tantor™ Data Platform (TDP)

Everyone appreciates data, whether it’s large-scale or detailed. However, managing and organizing it can be a chore. That’s where Tantor™ Data Platform (TDP) comes in. It offers a complete solution for your data needs, eliminating the complexities.

As businesses aim to make better use of data, they focus on delivering actionable insights directly to those who interact with customers and competitors. This has led to the adoption of a DataOps approach, empowering employees with data analysis and reporting tools

Breaking Down Barriers
Traditionally, data has been kept in separate “silos” which can lead to inefficiencies. TDP changes that by integrating data from various sources—like different applications and storage systems—into a single, unified system known as a data lakehouse.

Smart Data Management
TDP manages your data smartly by adjusting storage needs based on how frequently data is accessed and updated, which can also help reduce costs.

Flexibility in Data Handling
With TDP, you can choose the most suitable database system and easily transfer data between different databases. TDP empowers you to select the optimal database system for your needs and seamlessly migrate data across various database types. It also handles licensing for all your database needs.

Empowering Everyone to Use Data
TDP allows teams to access data easily, enabling them to build their own analysis models. This is part of what’s known as ‘citizen data science’, where more people can use data to make informed decisions without being tech experts.

Features of TDP Include:

Tantor™ Data Integration: A tool for combining and refining data.

Tantor™ Data Migration: A user-friendly platform for moving data between databases.

Tantor™ Data Lifecycle Manager: A tool that helps keep your data environment safe by checking and fixing security issues.

Tantor™ Lakehouse: A modern, centralized platform for managing all types of data.

Tantor™ Automation: Tantor’s automation capabilities significantly reduce manual efforts, saving banks approximately 30-35% of their valuable time, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks.

Tantor ™Entity Deduplication: Specifically designed for application-aware deduplication of named entities, ensuring data quality by removing duplicate records.

Data Archival: Oversees the management of historical data through archiving and purging processes to mitigate the risk of loss.

TDP Supports DataOps:

  • Ease of Use: It makes data teams simpler by providing ready-to-use data.
  • Modern Data Management: Combines the best of data lakes and data warehouses, offering flexibility, cost efficiency, and scalability.
  • Balanced Performance: Optimizes both application performance and storage costs.
  • Quick Insight Generation: Helps business users quickly derive insights independently.
  • No Code Low Code Platform: Simplify it so that people who aren’t tech-savvy can use it easily.
Tantor™ Data Platform makes data management straightforward and accessible for everyone in an organization, helping them use data effectively to drive decisions.

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