Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Assessment Services

Organisations have typically looked into IT procurement as a series of tactical, rather than strategic, decisions. This has lead to a jumble of technologies, vendors and services that creates bottlenecks and complexities. These, it turn, make IT services to lag behind the business needs. Translab conducts a 360 degree assessment of existing IT landscape to resolve those challenges. Our assessment engagement attempts to match IT goals and objectives with the business necessities of our clients.

Infrastructure Implementation Services

As technology becomes complex and the integrations become deeper, implementation of IT infrastructure no longer ends with racking and stacking of hardware. Translab takes pride in ensuring that your new IT systems are business ready: tuned to provide the best performance, hardened to ensure security and integrated with existing systems for uniform service. We work with key stakeholders to implement on time and as per business needs.

Infrastructure Migration Services

Business needs change; technologies change. And, so does your IT infrastructure. The challenge organisations face is that there is hardly anyone to mitigate the difficulties associated with these changes. Our migration services simplify your digital evolution and support you during the transition. We help identify the right target platform, provide ROI and TCO and create a road map to the future.

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