Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award International Achievers Conference (IAC) on 89TH National Seminar & Awards Ceremony on “NATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTIES – ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT” has honored “Translab Technologies Pvt Ltd” with an award as “Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award – 2022”.   “Becoming something isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. […]

Introduction In the first part of our series on Data Governance, we looked into what is data governance, why we need it and what are the future trends.  In the second part, we discussed various Data Governance frameworks used by organisations to implement data governance.  In part 3, we will discuss various Data Governance operating models and services […]

INTRODUCTION In the first part of our series on Data Governance, we looked into what is data governance, why we need it and what are the future trends.  In part 2, we will discuss Data Governance frameworks as well as people and processes needed to implement data governance within an organisation.  DATA GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK Data Governance is […]

INTRODUCTION TO DATA GOVERNANCE DEFINITION Data governance is a set of roles, processes, policies, metrics, and tools that ensures organisational data is secure, confidential, accurate, accessible, and usable. Organisations use data governance to decide how is data within the organization inputted, stored, handled, accessed, and deleted and who has the authority to do so. It also determines who are accountable to ensure compliance with any data-related regulation.  NEED FOR DATA GOVERNANCE As the oft-repeated saying goes: “Data is the new oil.” […]

Introduction The healthcare industry is in the midst of a digital revolution that is fuelled by rise of smart medical devices, learnings from global COVID-19 pandemic and commoditisation of IT hardware. The impact is felt in every aspect of healthcare, from prevention to treatment to recovery. Much of this is driven by the phenomenal growth […]

INTRODUCTION In 2011, Marc Andreessen, developer of Netscape Navigator and founder of Andreessen Horowitz, proclaimed “Software is eating the world”   Jay Kreps, CEO, and co-founder of Confluent, revised that assertion by stating “Every Company is Becoming Software”  So, it comes as no surprise that even a staid sector like banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) […]

INTRODUCTION APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the codes that allow services and applications to communicate and share information with one another. They speed up business processes by creating unified workflows and removing data silos without bringing additional complexities. They are the driving force behind new digital transformation initiatives and innovative customer experiences. Digital transformation is […]

Economic Times Recognises Translab Technologies at ET Achievers 2022 Event At its prestigious annual ET Achievers event held on 28th September 2022, at Sheraton Grand Hotel, Bengaluru, Economic Times awarded Translab Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as the leading IT company in Digital Transformation for 2022. ET Achievers is held every year since 2018 and recognises leaders, […]

External Links Listen on Apple Podcast In this episode, listen to Neeraj Dhopte (CTO, Translab Technologies) discuss the many ways organizations can look to *Improve operational efficiencies, and future-proof their IT* , with host Ameeta Roy (Director – Solution Architecture, Red Hat India). Listen now on Apple Podcast: Subscribe on your favourite podcast platform: […]