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We empower diverse sectors with intelligent solutions that seamlessly integrate into a spectrum of industries, driving innovation across the board.

Banking & Finance

We excel in delivering services tailored to the banking sector. We specialize in building modern data platforms to address regulatory and CIMS reporting, customer unification, non-performing asset (NPA) movement tracking, auto reconciliation, fraud analytics, and more. Our solutions leverage advanced AI and data analytics to ensure compliance, improve customer insights, and mitigate risks.

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We provide solutions in workforce and asset management, load forecasting, and real-time analytics. These services help utility companies optimize operations, improve resource management, and ensure reliable service delivery. Our expertise empowers utilities to leverage data for better decision-making and increased operational efficiency.

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We provide cutting-edge AI solutions, including symptom checkers, medical decision support systems, and imaging analysis. These innovations enhance diagnostic accuracy, speed up clinical decision-making, and improve patient outcomes, demonstrating our commitment to advancing healthcare through technology.

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Churn Analysis in Banking

In the competitive landscape of banking, customers have more choices than ever before. From traditional banks to online banks

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Mastering Databases and Middleware

In the dynamic landscape of digital business, databases and middleware stand as essential pillars

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Analytics to AI-driven solutions

When clients seek to transition their analytics applications to AI-driven solutions

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Transforming Indian Banking

Indian Banking sector has undergone and currently undergoing multiple transformative changes, like UPI, UPI Lite, Digital Rupee (e₹), etc.

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What our customers are saying

I am very thankful to you and your team for your deep knowledge in implementing the DC and DR solution. We were so impressed with your team's expertise and execution skills that we decided to extend our contract for infrastructure monitoring and support for the next year.

C. S. Prasad Subramanian

Chief Executive Officer Pratishthan Software Ventures Pvt. Ltd

" We wish to record our appreciation for the work rendered by DBA/System team from M/s translab.io during storage migration activities. They have skilled and dedicated team force on whom we can count upon."

J S S Lakshminarayana

Head- Data Center, Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd.

Our project with Translab.io was completed earlier this year, successfully moving to AWS Cloud. Despite technical complexities, Translab.io and our teams ensured infrastructure resilience through diligent execution of new technologies and recovery procedures.

Project Lead

Leading Global Cement Manufacturer

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